Vetafarm Herpavet Multical Dust 150g


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Product Description
Micro fined nutritional support for reptiles and amphibians.

In the emerging world of herpatology, nutrition and enclosure management are the most important factors in maintaining healthy animals.

Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) is by far the most significant health problem in captive reptiles and amphibians. MBD must be controlled by diet supplementation.

Multical Dust is a vitamin fortified, triple source calcium that is applied to food items to fill their nutritional deficits. The micro fined powder will adhere to food insects (crickets and meal worms) to ensure adequate intake by the reptile.

Add to food items at the rate of 1 level scoop - 1.5 grams per 150 - 200 grams of food.
May be used as a dusting powder for insects such as crickets and mealworms. Dust insects by placing in a bag with the Multical Dust and gently shaking to coat the insect. Feed immediately to the reptile.

Pack Size: 200g

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