Troy Oativeen Shampoo 250Ml


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Troy Oativeen Shampoo

TROY OATIVEEN SHAMPOO's special blend of low irritant soap, aloe vera and oat extract make it the ideal product for ensuring the pet's skin and coat condition is optimised whilst still ensuring long term flea products remain effective.

Directions for use
Thoroughly wet the coat of your pet so it is wet through to the skin. Apply TROY OATIVEEN SHAMPOO to at least five different spots on the coat to allow for effective coverage. Depending upon the size of your pet you should be applying approximately 20mL of shampoo per wash.

TROY OATIVEEN SHAMPOO readily develops a good lather to ensure a proper clean. Once the coat is fully lathered, leave TROY OATIVEEN SHAMPOO in the coat for at least five minutes prior to thoroughly rinsing with clean water and drying the coat as normal.

For prolonged lustre and soothing effects as well as a more manageable coat we recommend the use of TROY OATICOAT CONDITIONER.

Tube 250mL and 50mL sample pack.

Contains 20g/L oatmeal extract.
Also contains Aloe Vera.

Store below 30ºC
(room temperature).

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