Sustenhance Superfood Immune 100g


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For health, vitality and performance

We understand that like humans, our companions' nutritional requirements are often not satisfied by standard dietary regimes. For this reason our products are formulated by an experienced team of vets and nutritionists who understand not just what is required in animal diets but what is often missing. We source an array of unique ingredients globally in order to satisfy these unique dietary needs.

These products are developed for specific needs for both dogs and cats and are based on NATURAL ingredients used by holistic veterinarians. They are nutritionally dense, have minimal calories while promoting overall health and may help to prevent diseases.

IMMUNE - Natural Nutrients for a Healthy Immune System.

Helps maintain healthy gut, Contains natural antioxidants, supports immune system
Contais Certified organic ingredients
Grain free
Contains natural probiotic
Rich in vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants

Each 100g of Superfood Calm contains:
- Goji Berry Powder 15g
- Bee Pollen Powder 25g
- Spirulina Powder 10g
- Probiotic
- Fibre, Amino Acids

Dosage: 4g per 10kg of bodyweight per day. Divide the dose into two feedings per day.

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