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Snooza Multimat XLarge


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Simple but stylish! Thick wadding encassed in reversible polar fleece in our favourite 'lab' colours. The Multimat is exactly that, a fantastic go anywhere multi-purpose mat. We initially designed it to fit our raised beds, with velcro tabs at each corner to stop it sliding around but it's more versatile than that! Our dogs use it just about anywhere - it makes a super floor mat, in the car, on holiday. And if it hasn't got our logo embroidered in the corner then it's just not a 'ridgy-didge' fully washable Snooza Multimat!

Available in reversible chocolate & sand polarfleece.

Mini: 460mm x 430mm
Small: 690mm x 550mm
Medium: 900mm x 550mm
Large: 1020mm x 700mm
X-Large: 1150mm x 780mm

Sizes are approximate

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  • Product Brand: Snooza

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