Snooza Bed Buddy Medium Navy Pws/Bns


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Buddy Bed

We're very excited about our new design Buddy Beds because they epitomise our long held belief that a good bed should last! We're also keen on recycling so hate the though of throwing out a bed when all it needs is a pick-me-up (if you must, consider donating it to our Save-a-Bed Scheme). The NEW DESIGN incorporates removable covers - cushion & body AND a separate zippered inner which means washing is so easy, & so is changing your mind! Simply purchase a replacement cover to change the look, or have a spare when one is in the wash! To top it all off, the base is covered in non-slip paws in case of over excited running leaps to bed!

Our way of thinking - Our buddys love to flop their necks over the side so we purposefully use a lightweight, non rigid, easy to lean on foam.

Small: 530mm x 500mm
Medium: 640mm x 600mm
Large: 800mm x 720mm
X-Large: 980mm x 850mm

Sizes are approximate

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