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Seaflex for Cats 100g
In Stock

Seaflex is a premium nutritional supplement for cats. Your little furry friend will get a burst of health and energy with this fantastic treat. Give Seaflex to your cat regularly and your pet will have the vitality that healthy joints, tendons, skin and coat bring. Your cat will not only look great, with majestic, healthy fur, but also feel fantastic. With a blend of deep sea marine nutrients, your cat will get all the benefits of sea protein, omega-3 and essential vitamins. Browse the Seaflex range on stefmar.com and save today!

Seaflex has a great range of deep sea aquatic ingredients, perfect for your cat. Combined with great components such as flaxseed and other natural additives, your cat will experience the healthy benefits of Seaflex. With a shiny coat and happy disposition. Shop the full Seaflex range at Stefmar today!

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