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Schmackos Bites Chicken 130g


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Ever wondered why your Dog goes WACKO? for a SCHMACKOS? Treat? It's because SCHMACKOS treats are specifically designed to smell and taste absolutely amazing... to a dog.
It's this yumminess that is at the heart of the SCHMACKOS Brand philosophy. The philosophy to do everything possible to help dogs and their humans have more fun together. That's why we've created an irresistible range of dog treats that are perfect for playing, training, rewarding and occupying our fury friends.

TASTY BITES are tasty, bite size treats available in a variety of tastes and textures, that are perfect for enjoying at any time! With Chewy Cubes, Cheesy Nibbles and Chewy Slices. SCHMACKOS? TASTY BITES Chewy Cubes are moist and meaty chunks made with Quality Australian Protein.

The little bites are perfect to treat your dog and with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. With added:
?Omega 6 and Zinc: Supports healthy Skin and Coat
?Vitamin A: Supports Healthy Vision
?Vitamin E: Supports Dog Vitality
?Calcium: Supports Healthy Bones and Teeth
No added artificial flavours.

Wholegrain cereals; poultry and poultry by-products; humectants; palatant; salt; vitamins & minerals; preservative; methionine; flavour; antioxidants; colour.

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