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Do you have a puppy or a pet that is causing a mess around your home?
Are you looking for cleaning solutions that are chemical free, biodegradable and environmentally friendly?
Are you looking for products that are safe for people, pets and the planet?
Then you should consider our Puppy Packs, designed with our leading four waste management products all in one convenient pack.

Each Pack consists of a 125ml / 4fl.oz bottle of:
- Wee Care
- Liquid Ate
- Whiff Off
- Pup Care

WEE Care is the original Pet Loo Cleaner!
It is the only recommended cleaner for The Pet Loo and works to eliminate odours and soiling. The natural actions of enzymes leave no by-products behind which would attract dirt and bacteria. Leaving The Pet Loo free from problem causing organic contaminants and residue.

Use WEE Care on:
- The Pet Loo
- Mini Wee Pet Loo
- Outdoor / Indoor Toileting areas
- Outdoor synthetic grass

Liquid Ate will effectively eliminate, NOT mask, organic stains and odours.
The source of stains and odours are often hidden beneath the surface. Liquid Ate safely attacks the root of the problem, making your home a cleaner and healthier place to be. Liquid Ate also contains deterrents, which help your pet to recognise which area is for toileting and which areas are not.

Use Liquid Ate on:
- Pet stains and accidents
- Blood stains
- Food and beverage spills
- Cooking odours
- Shoes, clothing and sports equipment
- In the bathroom and kitchen

Whiff Off is an all natural way of eliminating tough odours.
It works by getting to the 'source' of the problem to eliminate the odour-causing fats and proteins, instead of just masking them. Whiff Off can also be used as a training aid - it contains a special blend of deterrents to discourage your pet from future toileting accidents.

Use Whiff Off on:
- All pet odours
- Shoes, clothing and sports equipment
- Mildew odours
- Bathrooms and Baby's room
- Cooking odours

Pup Care sanitises your dog's living areas.
Pup Care, while being part of the 'Care' range was designed specifically to target the breakdown of fats and proteins found in soils and stains, dust and mud, body oils and saliva that can accumulate in your dog's general living environment.

Use Pup Care on:
- Kennels
- Travel carriers
- Dog cages
- Dog bedding
- Car interiors
- Puppy Play Pens

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