Nuheart Heartworm Tablets for Dogs 11-23kg Green 6Pack


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Australian made, proven and trusted prevention with a wide acceptance in Australia and worldwide.

NUHEART has a unique three-way delivery system:
SIZE: NUHEART's small size, across the entire range, ensures easier dosing and less rejection

FLAVOURING: NUHEART's sweetly meat flavoured base is attractive to dogs and makes "tablet time" simple. Your dogs will love it!

SOLUBILITY: For difficult dogs, NUHEART can even be dissolved quickly in a small amount of water and mixed in the pet's food. They won't even know they've had it! How simple is that!

Ease: Administer one tablet monthly.

Effective: Contains exactly the same ingredients recommended by vets worldwide for the prevention of heartworm in dogs.

Trusted: Approved by the Australian Veterinary Medicines Authority.

Available in handy boxes of six. Once you've used NUHEART, you're guaranteed to be coming back for more. We look forward to NUHEART working in partnership with you to enhance your pets health.

Nuheart Heartworm medicine plays an important role in dog heartworm and canine heartworm. Nuheart Heartworm prevention and heartworm treatment comprises of heartworm pill or heartworm tablets. Nuheart Generic heartgard was used by heartworm meds previously. However, Nuheart is highly recommended as heartworm medication as a contemporary approach by heartworm meds.

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