Misty's Clumping Litter 20L


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Mistys Clumping Cat Litter

Environmentally friendly multi-purpose cat litter made entirely of 100% natural Australian bentonite in Australia.
This litter forms small, well defined clumps when wet to allow for easy removal of liquid waste. Mistys Clumping Cat Litter has a fresh mint fragrance and its superior absorbency helps to further improve odour control. This litter is also long lasting: simply remove clumps and solid waste daily, topping up litter as needed. Every three to four weeks remove all litter and wash out the litter tray.

Made in Australia from 100% natural Australian bentonite
Highly absorbent with excellent odour control
Fresh mint fragrance
Forms small, tight clumps for easy removal of liquid waste
Lasts up to four weeks if waste and clumps are removed daily

Misty's will easily outlast ordinary clay litters as you only discard the soiled clumps, eliminating wastage. This will keep the remaining litter clean and will be more hygienic for you and your cat!

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