Mikki Hand Feeding Syringe


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Handi Feeder

- An effective way of feeding fluids and medication to small or young animals.
- Non-toxic and dishwasher safe.
- Comes with choice of 2 tips.
- Maximum syringe capacity is 14ml.

Directions for Use:
Select the correct tip:
Use the nipple tip - for thinner mixtures and medication
Depress the plunger fully into the barrel. Insert the tip into the fluid and then withdraw the plunger until you reach the desired amount.
Use the taper tip - for thicker mixtures and medication
Remove the plunger. Pour the fluid into the barrel until you have the desired amount. Replace the plunger carefully to avoid ejecting any of the fluid.
Angle the feeding syringe towards the animal's cheek to avoid choking and dispense slowly and gently.

Note: when giving medications always double check the dosage.

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