Kamar Transporter Intermediate IATA Airline Approved


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The Kramar Pet Transporter is a quality transporter that is compliant with IATA specifications - the perfect way for your pet to travel by air, both domestically and internationally.

The Pet Transporter features an ergonomically designed handle on top of the transporter for easy manoeuvring (with dual handles for the Large and X Large sizes).

The Pet Transporter also comes complete with a metal door with squeeze latch and clips with locking mechanism for added security.

In accordance with IATA specifications, the Pet Transporter also features rear and side vents (metal vents for the Large and X Large sizes).

The Pet Transporter also features holes for cable tying at the top and bottom of the door frame and bolts on the corners of the carrier to enable the Pet Transporter to be secured during flights (all meeting IATA specifications).

In addition, the Large and X Large Pet Transporters also feature wheels on the bottom for easy transportation.

Conforms to IATA specifications (International Air Transport Association)
Ideal for transporting your pet by air, sea and road
Quick Assembly
Secure Metal Door
Single or Dual Handles on top
Wheels on bottom (Large and X Large)
Locking mechanism for added security
Rear and Side Vents
Holes for cable tying
Bolts for securing
Water Bowl included that attaches to the Transporter

Small (L44cm x W28cm x H30cm)
Medium (L55cm x W35cm x H38cm)
Intermediate (L61cm x W46cm x H43cm)
Large (L74cm x W50cm x H54cm)
X Large (L82cm x W55cm x H62cm)
XX Large (L92cm x W60cm x H70cm)

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  • Shipping Weight: 15kilos
  • Product Brand: Kramar

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