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Royal Canin PD Feline Senior Consult Stage 1 3.5kg


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At about 7 years of age, cats? nutritional requirements change. Some senior cats, for example can start to show visible signs of ageing early - such as osteoarthritis, kidney disease and behavioural changes. Others may age slower and won?t show obvious signs of ageing as quickly. It?s important, therefore, to be aware of your cat?s individual needs and to provide your pet with nutrition that?s precisely suited to help maintain ideal body condition and health.

The clinical signs of ageing are often hidden in cats so make sure you consult with your veterinarian on a regular basis. Our Senior Consult range is designed to provide your cat with the optimum diet as he or she reaches more advanced stages of life.

Senior Consult Stage 1 is a nutritionally balanced diet for cats over 7 years with no obvious/visible signs of ageing.

Key Benefits:

Helps combat cellular ageing, preserve kidney function and enchances brain health.

The right balance energy content to meet the needs of active mature cats.

Formulated to help prevent particular urinary crystals (struvite & oxalate crystals).

Closely monitor your cat?s body condition and pay regular visits to your veterinarian. Ensure your cat is always provided with clean, fresh water.

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