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Fidos Everyday Conditioner 500ml


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Fido's Everyday Conditioner


For dogs, cats, puppies, kitten and other furry pets of all ages.

Fido's everyday conditioner is a unique blend of rich conditioners with a long lasting fragrance.

Its is designed to be gentle on the skin, eliminating frizz and adding shine to the coat.

The conditioner boasts detangling properties while conditioning and moisturising the coat.

For best results use after Fido's Everyday Shampoo.

Directions for use:

After shampooing your pet, rinse thoroughly with clean, warm water before applying conditioner. Apply Fido's Everyday Conditioner to several places. Depending on the size of the pet at least 20ml is recommended.

Work the conditioner into your pet's coat, massage well and ideally leave on for 5 minutes before washing off with clean water. Take care to avoid eyes and inside the ears, Dry and brush coat as usual.

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