Ezydog Harness CP 2XL Pink Camo


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EzyDog Harness

All our EzyDog chest plate harnesses include a seat belt attachment complete with stainless steel snap shackle to allow for quick release to and from a vehicle seat belt. The Highway Code stipulates that all animals in vehicles be "adequately restrained" and failure to do so could result in serious injury for your pet or you and your family. Many dogs find the presence of a comfortable harness is reassuring and owners like the additional sense of control they give.

When choosing a harness make sure it has adequate light reflecting tape woven into the fabric for extra safety at night and in low light conditions and that the chest plate is broad enough to spread the load so your dog gets maximum comfort.


Size Weight Neck Girth

XXS 2-3 4-7 23-37 9-15 24-38 10-15

XS 3-6 7-12 27-46 11-18 29-48 12-19

S 6-10 12-23 34-56 14-22 37-60 15-24

M 10-19 23-42 41-68 16-27 45-73 18-29

L 19-35 42-77 46-78 18-31 49-84 19-33

XL 35+ 17+ 52-90 21-36 56-97 22-38

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