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Feed / Water Containers

Cat and Dog Bowls - Food and Water

Cat and dog bowls and water containers are the easiest way to feed your pet without having to worry about excessive clean-up. A dog food bowl or drink bowl can actually be more important than you may think and brands like Dogit have specially designed bowls developed to ensure safety for your pet.

The Go-Slow bowl for instance is an anti-gulping dish that has been designed in such a way to prevent a dog from being able to lap up too much too quickly and choke.  In addition to these dog water bowels there are also dog and cat bowls for feed and these options come in varied sizes so that you can pick one that is relative to the size of your pet.

At Stefmar we stock a range of premium, trusted brands so you can rely on the years of experience and specialised expertise of Dogit, Catit, Eatwell and more. Browse through today to make sure you don’t miss out on the great prices across the whole range.