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Train your dog through a game with Buster Food Cube, the most original food bowl on the market. Filled with food or treats, it encourages your pet's natural hunting instincts and stimulates them both physically and mentally. At Stefmar, Australia's most prominent pet care store, we stock the widest range Buster Food Cubes in various colours at the most competitive prices. By using Buster Food Cube on a daily basis, you are bound to see a reduction in your pet's behavioural problems. Stefmar prides itself on offering its customers only top quality products. Proved by many pet owners' experiences, Buster Food Cubes will remain undamaged and serve you for many years to come. Even dogs who are chewers by nature are unable to damage this product, and tasty rewards keep them entertained for hours.

With more than 20 years of experience in pet care, Stefmar prides itself on the quality of its products, professional staff and customer experience. Visit one of our multiple stores across Australia and give your pet the best offer on the market!

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