Biolac Blue For Puppies And Kittens 500g Milk Supplement


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Biolac Blue Puppy Milk Product Description

The most advanced milk products ever manufactured for domestic animals.


Biolac contains:

* Fully digestible carbohydrates with improved balance of proteins & increased lecels of total solids.

* elevated levels of vitamins & minerals.

* Correct balance of saturated, mono-unsaturated & poly-unsaturated fats.

Trial have been completed to produce this quality product. Puppies as young as 12 hours old have been constitent with normal growth patterns.

Veterinarians can now present their clients with a product & be fully confident that all the required nutritional aspects have been catered for. Puppies with lactose intolerance can digest BIOLAC without problems & the compprehensive fatty acid composition facilitates absorption of all nutrients.

BIOLAC contains no malttodextrins, sucrose or soy products & has an excellent amino acid profile. The high total solid content controls diarrhoea. If required for older animals add 2ml of canola oil to each 100ml to lift the total energy & total solids. If constipation occurs add an extra 100ml of water.

Each BIOLAC product has a certificate of analysis to substantiate it's content.

BIOLAC is suitable for all domestic & farm animals as well as late lactation marsupials, however specific products are available for the varoius growth stage of marsupials.


BIOLAC is produced in 5 and 10kg buckets and 300 and 500g containers. To make 1 litre take 1.5 cups (200 grams) and put into a suitable container, add a small amount of warm water and mix into a thick paste, then add more warm water to male 1 litre of milk by shaking well in a large container or by using a hand blending machine.


Take three well-heaped standard teaspoons or two scoops and mix into a paste then add more water to make up 100ml. Weigh the animal and feed 15-20% of body weight per day over 4 or 5 feeds.

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